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Disposable cutting insert grinding by Turboflex Rautex GmbH

RO-BER Industrieroboter GmbH

Why do you throw away disposable cutting inserts?


Up to 60% of all disposable cutting inserts can be regrind, including CBN-, PKD-, ceramic-, diamond- circular-, threads and throat plate (?) as well as forging die plates.

Thereby, it does not matter whether the disposable cutting insert’s performance is with or without drilling. By means of the ISO-code or a pattern plate of your used disposable cutting inserts we determine whether the grinding and coating is profitable for you. Please make sure to implicitly state the manufacturer.
Have the disposable cutting inserts, sorted and marked in the original packaging (advantage: no transport damage, clear sorting), ready for collection by our collection service requested by you.

Your benefits:

  • Cost saving.
  • Partly better downtime, since the open space is coated a second time (after your guideline).
  • Achieving a higher quality class, since there are only minor tolerances inside the plates present.
  • Disposal cutting interns with M-tolerance can be mixed with new plates of the same sort.
  • Changes in dimensions possible after your guidelines.
  • We guarantee dimensional accuracy of the same sort by documenting the grinding steps.
  • We adapt ourselves to your grinding dimension standard.