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Spindle cone grindings HSK – SK BigPlus by Turboflex

Spindle cone grindings HSK – SK BigPlus
Spindelkonusschleifen | Turboflex Rautex schleifen Ihren Spindelkonus

SPINDLE CRASH, never say never …

Spindle cone grindings in an INCORPORATED and BUILT-OUT state LOCALLY at TURBOFLEX.

HSK – SK BigPlus… Patent: 4306162!

Turboflex helps immediately.

You know the problem at your fingertips: You have a spindle crash. But usually, what is: get rid of the spindle, a new one is needed! But does it really have to be that way? NO! Turboflex locally regrinds your spindle cone, in this way you have an efficient contact.

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Your benefit from spindle cone grinding:

All-around carefree! With a fixed price (which contains all costs, for instance Hotel/technician hours). Thus, clearly defined costs! Marginal idle state for you can have more time for the necessary/basic: Your business

Reduce your stress

Further benefits: reduced inserts consumption (partially up to 50%), run-out accuracy, vibration damping, more exact run-out for pre-set tools, prevention of walk rust, reduces tool breakage, clean/neat cross section and many more. Grinding the plane surface is also no problem! Therewith you benefit from a vibration indigence of long protruded tools, increased stiffness of the cross section between spindle cone/tool, an even more precise process of the workpiece and a cost saving through minimised tool breakage.

FREE fast analysis in approx. 4 minutes.

Why do so many customers have their mandrel cones checked?

You will receive a technician’s report with following information:

  • Run-out accuracy
  • Draw-in forces
  • Contact pattern
  • Stock state
  • Unbalance
  • Clearance

After grinding, a free test of your other spindle cone is usually no problem, just address us for that

Phone 0049238393630

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We bring the sheath, the complete solution with the big savings effect.

BIGPlus + SK + HSK!

Our team of experts hollows out the damaged area in the incorporated state, by installing a bit-hardened steel sheath most serious damages can be removed. With that, the missing hardness is rebuilt.

Afterwards, with our patented grinding entity we grind in the hardened steel sheath true to gauge. The result:

In a maximum of 2 working days, the machine is ready for action!
Unlimited guarantee on the joint connection.

But for what does this procedure qualify? Very simple, for example for difficult spare part supply, for known high mandrel spare part costs, for bad or unavailable mandrels or for mandrels in a built-out state (reserve spindles). You want to know more,

You already got to know about the benefit of steep paper grinding and the deployment of a steel sheath.
You will receive competent response by our team for possibly arriving queries.

With the steep paper grinding the all-around carefree package: tool repair, rotor cutter and disposable cutting insert grinding

Find out if you are in best hands, come and test us!